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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Even though this is a Mother Goose on the Loose Website, I can take a few liberties and mention how exciting it is to see the first reviews for Booktalking Bonanza (written by librarian Selma Levi and me and published by ALA Editions.)

Midwest Book Review had a review at http://www.thefreelibrary.com/Booktalking+Bonanza.-a0191955287 and gave our book 5 stars in their Amazon.com review!

And here's another review from:

The Tech Static

Your collection development resource for technology titles

Review - Booktalking Bonanza

booktalking bonanza coverDiamant-Cohen, Betsy, and Selma K. Levi. Booktalking Bonanza: Ten Ready-To-Use Multimedia Sessions for the Busy Librarian. ALA Editions. 2009. 240p. ISBN 978-0-8389-0965-2. $40.00/$36.00 ALA members.

You will indeed be a very busy librarian if you decide to recreate all of these multimedia booktalking presentations, which incorporate music, video, and computer clips, as well as readings from multiple books. They cover topics as varied as Lightning, Immigration, and — my personal favorite — Body Parts: Missing, Extra, and Just Plain Strange. Organized in a straightforward manner, Booktalking Bonanza provides whole scripts for each multimedia booktalk, along with websites for the video and music clips suggested; each presentation provides enough material for two or three real-life booktalks. While I wouldn’t recommend this book for a beginner booktalker, it is perfect for those of us who have been around the block a few times and are looking for some new and invigorating ways to spice up our delivery. Most booktalks target a younger audience, but the authors also give ample examples of booktalks for older grade school, teens, and even adults to adapt to your situation. One plus: the authors included readings from the actual books (which many booktalking books do not suggest or recommend, but which I have found useful in capturing students’ attention) — even including page numbers from the books. I’m only sorry I haven’t had the privilege to see this team in action as they present these multimedia booktalks.

Tasha Squires is a young adult consultant for Shorewood-Troy Public Library District. Her book Library Partnerships: Making Connections Between School and Public Libraries, will be published by ITI in early 2009.

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COMMENT: Selma and I will be presenting snippets from "Booktalking Bonanza" at ALA in Chicago on Sunday afternoon from 1:30 - 3:30 and we'd love to have a large audience!

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